TRIUMF e-Portfolio Project: Phase One

Why are we doing this?

e-Portfolios and Folio Thinking are proven to deepen educational and employment experiences and better communicate personal learning and achievement for future audiences whether they are educational, professional or social.

Where to build

Please follow the link so you can follow along with the videos below: click here for

Resource outcomes

At the end of these videos you should be able to:

  • Register for a free account
  • Understand how WordPress is structured and styled at a general level
  • Create content using Pages or Posts
  • Create one page that will be the singular home for the media you collect during the Learning Portfolio phase
  • Create posts to house media and comments gathered according to your daily experiences here at TRIUMF

Important notes

First, we don’t care about graphic design at the moment. We are just creating a repository for the media you collect to represent your learning and experience at TRIUMF so please spend some time playing around with themes and styling, but the most important thing is to create a simple place to digitally collect and comment on your media.

Be creative with your media choice. Just using one format, like text or images, will not give you the opportunity to broaden your skills in media capture and may not be as stimulating for future recall.

If you choose not to use WordPress, please be sure the platform you are using makes it easy to store and comment on multi-media files. It should also be easy to transfer this media to other platforms for possible future use.

For any questions or comments, please email, stop me in the hallway or cafeteria, or speak to me at one of our weekly sessions.

1. Testing email

2. WordPress account

3. Dashboard and launch

4. Profile and themes

5. From structure to content

6. Pages

7. Posts

8. Creating posts

9. Summary and connect

Email me at with any issues you encounter.

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