TRIUMF e-Portfolio Project: Phase Two

Why are we doing this?

e-Portfolios and Folio Thinking are proven to deepen educational and employment experiences and better communicate personal learning and achievement for future audiences whether they are educational, professional or social.

Resource outcomes

At the end of these videos you should be able to:

  • Find and name some major areas and tools in WordPress
  • Play with different portfolio themes for a page(s) and input media gathered from posts¬†
  • Use page structures to consider various storylines related to different audiences or purposes
  • Speak more clearly about the people who might want to hear about your experiences at TRIUMF.

Important notes

First, we don’t care about graphic design at the moment. We are just creating a workspace to begin experimenting with potential narratives, and possible designs to facilitate those narratives.

Be sure to keep creating posts to represent your experience at TRIUMF. Its impact on your learning will not likely end once you leave here so be sure to capture posts that represent your reflections on all of your time here.

If you choose not to use WordPress, please be sure the platform you are using makes it easy to arrange various multi-media files in a coherent manner. It should also be easy to transfer this media to other platforms for possible future use.

For any questions or comments, please email, stop me in the hallway or cafeteria, or speak to me at one of our weekly sessions.

1. Digital Spaces to Start Envisioning Story

2. Playing with Structure & Content to Clarify Story

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